Adding a coupon to Woocommerce

How to add a coupon code that will trigger 20% off an order (excluding shipping) when spending $75 or more. These settings are so that anyone with the number can use the code one time.

To allow multiple or unlimited uses by the same user, see step 5.

1. Go to Woocommerce>Coupons and click Add coupon

2. Enter code # in the first field and then the description in the second field.

3. On the General tab, change discount type to Percentage discount and then enter the amount of the discount in the Coupon amount field. Enter a coupon expiry date, if you like.

Do not check the Allow free shipping box unless you want to allow free shipping.

4. Click Usage restriction tab and enter the Minimum spend amount. Check the other exclusions as you see fit.

You will also see that you can restrict Coupon usage to certain products, you can exclude products from the coupon, exclude categories or even specify individual emails that can use the coupon.

5. The settings below will let the coupon be used by an unlimited number of users, but each user can only use the coupon once.

To change the usage limit per user, enter the allowed number in the field or clear the field to allow unlimited usage (you can set an expiration date for the coupon in on the General tab, see step 3 above).

6. Click update to publish the coupon.

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