order refund processing

A quick tutorial on how to refund a credit card payment for a Woocommerce order.

1. In Woocommerce>Orders Click on the Order # / Name you want refund.

2. Click refund button

3. Enter refund amount (for partial refund, enter the partial refund amount). Enter the reason for the refund. Click the “Refund $XX.XX via … ” button to refund the amount entered to the customer’s card. To Refund the amount in cash, etc., click the “Refund $XX.XX manually” button.

Do not check the Restock refunded items for now until we complete passing the inventory information from FileMaker back to Woocommerce.

4. Click OK to confirm the refund. Woocommerce will immediately mark the order as refunded and you are done. Woocommerce then sends the refund receipt to the customer.

You should then return the item to inventory and update FM based on your current procedures.

5. The order notes will be updated with the appropriate information. Click the update button, JIC to make sure everything processed properly (the update should be done automatically when you clicked OK in the last step, but better safe than sorry).

The order has been marked refunded.

The refund receipt email is sent to the customer.

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