Need a host, domain or SSL?

We are a GoDaddy Pro reseller and gladly offer you access and support through our site. Need help with set up of your domain or SSL, or do you need an entire website? No problem. Just give us a call at 717.873.9362 or email and we’ll get you set up. Notice: JavaScript is home page screen cap

Mountaintop Lighting

Mountaintop Lighting is a premiere provider of Gemstone Lights, outdoor architectural LEDs that are thoroughly customizable and highly durable. Mountaintop Lighting currently serves South Central PA and Northern Maryland with plans to expand to the cover most of Central Maryland and the Eastern Shore. We had the privilege of building their site and continue to work homepage screen capture

Dave Yates is a highly respected and experienced PHCP-PVF and HVAC Consultant and the previous owner of F.W. Behler, Inc.. We designed his website to showcase his writing and publishing work, as well as act as a lead-generation tool for new consulting business. If you are in need of PHCP-PVF and HVAC Consulting or an
Rhino Realty Group website design Screen Shot

We just redesigned and launched the Rhino Realty Group website. Rhino needed an easy to update and user-friendly showcase for their local properties as well as a to provide information about their national commercial real estate services.
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Save the photos you would like to add to your phone library. In the Facebook app, switch to the the RackRoidz profile and go to the RackRoidz page. Your screen should look something like this: Go to the menu that starts with “Posts” below the “See more” button and click the “More” dropdown menu beside
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Keystone Roll Off dumpster rental website design

We added Keystone Roll Off as a client with a fresh new website design. If you are in needs of roll-off dumpster rental in the South Central PA and Northern MD areas, I would highly recommend their service – I’m a customer, too! Just call 717-78-TRASH or visit to schedule your dumpster rental.
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Google has reached out to us to stay informed about possible upcoming changes to the laws concerning digital marketing. At York Web Tech we are committed to maintaining user privacy and anonymity while helping connect new customers to our clients and will closely monitor any changes in the law affecting our businesses. Below is a

Add images to SPG Event Space Gallery

HTML Snippets Wordpress edit screen

Updating HTML Snippets

To update the current hours and dinner menu, log into /wp-admin and navigate to XYZ Html > HTML Snippets. Click the Action icon for the snippet you would like to edit. To update or edit the Dinner Menu URL Upload your PDF to the media library and copy the URL of the PDF. Then paste
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Woocommerce Product Quick Edit to Publish Draft
To use the WordPress Woocommerce quick edit to bulk publish draft products, first login to the backend and go to All Products and then sort by Drafts: Choose as many items on the page as you want to publish: If you want to see more products per screen, go to the screen options and change logo and site design

We launched the new WooCommerce ecommerce site on January 27, 2021 with a fresh look, and new logo and a whole new backend. In February their website sales revenue went up more than 300% YOY! We can’t wait to find out where the end up for the year and we’re glad they chose us
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RackRoiz Site Design and Build


We designed and built to appeal to their market and move product— and it has. We launched their new site at the end of March 2020. So far in 2021, their new site sales are up 32% over the old site in the same period last year. Conversion rate: Conversion rate is the percentage
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Spring Valley Mulch homepage design
The new website is up and running. Brian and Wendy Klinger wanted a new look for their website and we delivered. A refreshed logo, fresh photography and a thought out site design, really highlight their business and capabilities. The new site is easy to use and looks fantastic and we’re looking forward to see
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Yorkshire Ministry Page Redesign

Below are some quick videos outlining how you would go about redesigning a page, creating a new page and content for a ministry group. Please forgive the video production value, which is admittedly just above nil ; )
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Update the contact information in the footer Go to Page Builder Smart Areas in the Dashboard, click the Edit with Zion builder button in the footer section: Once the footer section is open in Page Builder, you can make any changes you need to the footer. To change the Facebook link, hover over the icons
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Log into the dashboard and go to Kallyas Theme Options> Smart Areas Change the first Smart Area to use to either Green or Red Status (the Smart Area location on header should already be set to “Before header”) and then click the Save options button. If you want to hid the banners completely, just change