WooCommerce Order Processing

A quick tutorial on Woocommerce order processing on schoonerbayco.com

1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard>Woocommerce>Orders and click on the order # / name of the order you would like to complete.

2. After the order has been processed and has been packed and labeled for shipping, click Order actions drop down and change to Capture credit card authorization. (the tracking number should be emailed from the NRG Ship in FM until the solution has been connected to Woocommerce when it will be passed back to Woocommerce).

3. Click arrow beside Order actions dropdown to complete the order. Woocommerce will then automatically send the order details/invoice to the customer to complete the order. If the order status does not change from Processing to Completed, continue to the next step.

4. If the order has not changed automatically from Processing to Complete after you have captured the payment, change the order status in the dropdown menu to Completed and then click the blue Update button.

5. Sit back and enjoy a job well-done.

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