Image file naming for Google SEO

One of the most important things about images and SEO is that images are mostly exempt from the popularity contest part of the regular Google search results. So even if your site isn’t ranking super high in the regular search, you can do well in the image searches with little effort. I’m also pretty confident
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Be sure you have properly processed your product images for upload. If you need help to do a bulk upload of images, see this previous post on how to upload images to WordPress. To update or link product images, choose the product you would like to edit. From the WordPress Dashboard>click Products and then click
Prepare you images for upload. For help processing and compressing them for upload, refer to our previous post: In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, co to Media> click Add New. You will see the Upload New Media screen and the “Drop files here” box. You can also click the Select Files button if you have trouble
Below is a tutorial on the basics of batch processing product images for uploading to your Woocommerce store. In order to compress the images after resizing, you will need to buy and install the Tinypng Photoshop plugin. Available here: The instructions for installing the neccesary TinyPNG Photoshop scripts for automation are here: If

Adding a coupon to Woocommerce

How to add a coupon code that will trigger 20% off an order (excluding shipping) when spending $75 or more. These settings are so that anyone with the number can use the code one time. To allow multiple or unlimited uses by the same user, see step 5. 1. Go to Woocommerce>Coupons and click Add
A quick tutorial on how to refund a credit card payment for a Woocommerce order. 1. In Woocommerce>Orders Click on the Order # / Name you want refund. 2. Click refund button 3. Enter refund amount (for partial refund, enter the partial refund amount). Enter the reason for the refund. Click the “Refund $XX.XX via

Need a host, domain or SSL?

We are a GoDaddy Pro reseller and gladly offer you access and support through our site. Need help with set up of your domain or SSL, or do you need an entire website? No problem. Just give us a call at 717.873.9362 or email and we’ll get you set up. Notice: JavaScript is
To create an alias for Safari, open you applications folder. 1. To open the folder if you don’t know how to find it, just click Go in the top menu bar and scroll down to the Applications folder. 2. In the applications folder, right click on the Safari icon. (without a mouse, hover over the
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WooCommerce Order Processing

A quick tutorial on Woocommerce order processing on 1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard>Woocommerce>Orders and click on the order # / name of the order you would like to complete. 2. After the order has been processed and has been packed and labeled for shipping, click Order actions drop down and change to Capture

Too soon?

We like to poke fun, but downtime is no joke. Call us at 717.873.9362 for more uptime.

Hostetter Supply Site

We are honored to bring a fresh online presence to a local company that has been in business since 1928! Please take a moment to give it a click around at Hostetter Supply’s new website at
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ASC Tornado site

We built and launched It is primarily a catalog site that will be made live for ecommerce sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Abbottstown Industries Site

Another happy client! Abbottstown Industries Inc. is a full-service facility for parts, custom machinery design, tooling, machining and fabricating. Our decades of experience and diversified equipment make it possible to manufacture a variety of quality products and machines. We built them a very cool site on a solid foundation that will take them into the

SPG Capital Website

SPG Capital buys, renovates, sells and rents single-family homes, condos, town houses, multi-family apartment buildings, and commercial real estate in central Pennsylvania. SPG owns and operates a large the largest single-family rental portfolio in Southern PA. They are keyholders to the best newly renovated single-family houses for sale in the York, Adams, and Franklin counties
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