UPDATE: *closed* Request for Proposal: Custom Apparel Rendering Workflow Automation Opportunity for 3-D Designer with Experience in Marvelous Designer and Adobe Illustrator

Example finished mockup image from Alibaba.com Tonton Sportswear

*CLOSED*- We accepted a proposal 5/16/2019 for this job

We are looking for someone with custom apparel rendering experience.

The project will consist of about 20 products to start, many more to follow once the workflow has been finalized.

Our Desired Process

Our graphic designer will create the uniform artwork on a layer in a production pattern file in Adobe Illustrator.

They will then use the flat artwork to map the design to a 3-D model of the garment to output finished image files for customer approval with as little additional input as possible.

What We Need You to Do:

  1. We will provide factory cutting / sewing patterns in vector format (could be .pdf, .eps. or .ai). You will need to label them in illustrator for seam allowances and mark all panels for location and orientation on the finished garment. All files will use standardized layers and swatches for notes, cut lines and sewing allowances. Our designers will create the artwork for the garment using Illustrator, working in CMYK color and preserving spot color swatches for the factory. This is the file that will be sent to the factory for production.
  2. Create 3-D models of each garment / product in Marvelous designer based on the marked up cutting / sewing pattern illustrator production file. We would like to be able to “live” update the artwork design created in the illustrator production file to preview the finished garment.
  3. A virtual studio setup for rendering and image output of the final artwork at least 800×800 pixels, but 1920×1920 would likely be ideal (preferably in Photoshop or .png format with the background all-ready cut out).
  4. We would also like your suggestions for improving and further automating the workflow, if appropriate.
Factory-supplied sewing pattern screen capture
Screen cap example of marked up Illustrator production file with cutlines, sewing allowances, and panels marked (in spot colors) and on appropriate layers that our designer will layout artwork to.
Example Marvelous Designer file screen cap from https://www.marvelousdesigner.com/community/forum/TheCommons/9161
Example of finished a 3/4 side-view rendering for customer approval

What We Would Like You to Do

  1. Using Adobe Illustrator, label factory supplied sewing patterns with seam allowances and all panels for location and orientation on the finished garment.
  2. Create 3-D models in Marvelous designer for each garment mapped to the appropriate Illustrator production cut pattern file that can be updated on the fly for each custom artwork design.
  3. Set up Marvelous Designer with settings to output finished renderings / mockups and or an appropriate file format to import into a rendering program (preferably the mockups would be created in Marvelous designer). We would like to output a front and 3/4 sideview for each top; shorts, pants and socks will only require one 3/4 view.
  4. If an additional rendering program is required, we would also like that setup for simple input and output.
  5. Send us a proposal and bid for your time and expertise. We would like to have all proposals in hand by May 28th.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a proposal, please email tech@yorkwebtech.com

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